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Eggs 'A Plenty 2

 "Eggs 'A Plenty II"

Retail - $9.00

"Pearl Blossom" Button – Retail $1.10 each
Chenille Trim – Retail $0.70 a length
"Open Weave Basket" charm – Retail $1.10 each

Just in time for spring decorating!!  Both of these designs are perfect for Easter, but really for the entire spring season.  We stitched the large egg on 10 Count "Lou's Haystack" courtesy of R & R Reproductions, using a variety of fibers.  The stitch count is 68 Wide X 87 High. We featured our new "Pearl Blossom" button (reversible) and a beautiful soft salmon Chenille trim.
The little bunny egg was stitched on 28 Count "18th Century Brown", also courtesy of
R & R Reproductions, using a variety of fibers. We featured our Open Weave Basket charm and trimmed it with a 1/2" rick rack.  The stitch count is 24 Wide X 58 High.

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