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GW Cherry 05

Ferry Farm "Cherry" Sampler

Retail - $11.00

6" X 8" Gently Swirled frame

Retail - $37.00

The sampler is stitched on
and framed in our "Gently Swirled Grained" frame.

Quite a while ago I started talking with The George
Washington Foundation about doing a piece of needle-
work to commemorate Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of
George Washington and his family.  The original site
of the house was excavated in 2008.  For all of the
exciting details, visit their wonderful site.
During the digs, many enameled creamware fragments
were found, dating from 1765 to 1775, dates which coincide
with the end of Mrs. Washington's residence at Ferry Farm.
Believe it or not, shards were found with a "cherry" motif!
I'm sure you remember the legends about George and the
cherry tree.  To have found a "cherry" on a ceramic piece
is just perfect.  This was the inspiration for the cherry at
the center of the sampler I designed this summer.
The initials of all family members that lived there, the
dates of residence, and other motifs of the period make
up the sampler. 
I feel so honored to have been involved in this project.
 Needle necessaires, such as a scissor
case and a pinball featuring the "cherry" motif are
the next projects on the drawing board .

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