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Have Ye Any Wool 05


 "Have Ye Any Wool"

Retail - $9.00

Olde Brass "Basket" & "Bird" Buttons for pillow
Retail - $3.00 each
 "Small Scissor" charm for pillow
Retail - $1.10 each
"Small Swirl" Button wheels for pillow
Retail - $0.50 each
"Amber Pearl" Button wheels for framed model
Retail - $0.65 cents each
"Amber Pearl" Bird for framed model
Retail - $1.60 each
"Triple Patches" pre-finished pillow
Retail - $29.00
Brown Grain Wood Frame (6 x 8)
Retail - $37.00

This is for all of us who love fibers and sheep.  I had so much fun designing this piece.  I designed this pillow and it is manufactured by Adam Original.  The pillow can be ordered from both of us.  It is a pre-finished 10 Count "Triple Patches" pillow.  The framed model is stitched on 32 Count "Amber" linen.  We used a variety of fibers, but have given you alternate color codes as well.  The stitch count
of the entire design is 114 X 78.

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