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I Love Autumn 01

"I Love Autumn"

Retail - $7.50
"Acorn" Brass Charm
Retail - $0.50 cents each

4" X 8 1/2" Brown Grained Wood frame
Retail - $35.50

"I Love Autumn" is the third in this seasonal series.  I truly do love Autumn. The colors of the season, the beautiful crisp weather, and the anticipation of all the wonderful holidays ahead.  Autumn designs are also great because I start decorating with them as soon as Labor Day is over and they stay out until I start decorating for Christmas.  How cute would all of these be when stitched on a tiny count and put in a basket or old wooden bowl.

The model was stitched on 30 count "Putty" hand-dyed linen, courtesy of Weeks Dye Works, using a variety of fibers.  Alternate Color Codes are given.  It is embellished with our "Acorn" brass charm.  "I Love Spring" and "I Love Summer" are already available.  "I Love Winter" will be coming soon.!

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