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Pin Pokes I 05


"Pin Pokes I"

Retail - $7.50

 "Small Scissor" Charm – Retail $1.10 each
"Amber Pearl" Buttons" – Retail $0.65 each
"Pin Poke" – Retail $12.00
(Specify Tan or Blue)

This is a new series of pre-finished necessaries for your stitching pleasure.  I have designed these adorable "pokes" and had them manufactured in blue and tan checks.  The next "pokes" on the drawing board will be made from more "vintage" style fabrics.  Hopefully, something for everyone.  All you have to do is stitch, stuff, and slip stitch the back closed.  We used ground walnut shells enclosed in polyfil to fill our
"pokes".  Each measures approximately 3 " round, and the linen will be 26 to 28 count in either cream or off white.  Instructions will be given for aging your fabric.

The Sewing Bird design is stitched on 32 count lambswool. and finished in a sweet needle case.  Finishing Instructions are given. 

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