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timely spring 003

Timely Spring

timely summer 003

Timely Summer

PFC-67Timely Autumn03

Timely Autumn

PFC-66Timely Winter03

This completes the 2nd Clock Series.

A border graph for the four seasons is now available so that they can be stitched together (pictured above).

Timely Winter

Courtship Stitching Journalfp02

"Courtship" Stitching Journal

Christmas Hospitality Ornament 02

"Christmas Hospitality" Ornament

Be At Peace Stitching Journal 02

"Be At Peace Stitching" Journal

Freedom House Journal02

"Freedom House" Journal

Olde Favorites never before seen on the web site!


Live Within Your Harvest

# 116 Be You Thankful 02

Be You Thankful

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