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(50 sheets) $3.50 each/retail

Notepad - Things To Do When Stitching Is Through

"Things To Do When Stitching Is Through"

Notepad - Keep Your Heart Happy..Stitch

Keep Your Heart Happy..Stitch

Notepad - Merry Stitches

"Merry Stitches"


Note Card - Botanical Pears

Botanical Pears

Note Card - Lamb & Friends

Lamb & Friends

Note Card - Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Note Card - Nosegay


Note Card - Homestead


Note Card - Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Note Card - Watermelon Theorem

Watermelon Theorem

Christmas Card - The More the Merrier



"The More the Merrier"
(includes a needle)
$2.50 each/retail

Christmas Card - The More the Merrier


Gift Tag - Colonial Flowers Gift Tag - Country Still Life

Colonial Flowers

Gift Tag - Heart Basket

Heart Basket

Gift Tag - Pineapple


Country Still Life

Gift Tag - Homestead


Gift Tag - Ribbon


Gift Tag - Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Love Birds

Gift Tag - Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms


Bookmark - Sheltering Tree
Hollis Sampler-00203

Hollis Sampler Notepad
(50 pages)
Retail - $4.00

Sheltering Tree

Hollis' Sampler Postcard Hollis' Sampler Recipe Card

Hollis' Sampler Postcard
Retail - $4.00

Hollis' Sampler Recipe Card
Retail - $4.00

Pineapple Recipe Card

Pineapple Recipe Card
Retail - $4.00

Little Stitcher Postcard

Little Stitcher Postcard
Retail - $4.00


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